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I will send him a copy of what you sent to me.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again so very much! Dutchess Co.

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MARY C. MARY H. Henry C. Sutton and family in census, Rush, Monroe Co. Joseph, MO, m. Married by Rev. Elisha B.

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Sherwood, with Hiram Norton and Mary Sheldon as witnesses. Both residents of Jefferson Township, Cass Co.

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Mother of Mary Alden Allen died at the birth of this child. Hulls were neighbors of Suttons in Cass Co. Hull was an editorial writer for Horace Greeley on his Tribune. Removed family in to Deer Creek, Atchison Co. Sutton in census, Shannon Township, Atchison Co. Joseph, MO, d. Raised in Catholic orphanage from the age of two. Moriah Cemetery, Raymore, Cass Co. He was one of David L. Madconald Bobbs Merrill Company, Indianapolis, , a book about border life in the 's. Lee, d. Sheriff, State of KS, U. Lee Clothing Co.

Joseph Co. CLARK, b.

Clark 1,4, 10 1. EARL E. Independence, MO?

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Descendancy information deleted for privacy. She had son, Albert A. No issue. ROY C. Louis, MO, m. Louis, MO. ANNA [Hannah? Sources: 1. Notes, records, documents and research of Emma Vilardi, sent by Tony Vilardi 2. Conversation with Pat Broudy 5. Conversation with Tony Vilardi 6. Social Security Death Index, accessed by www. Conversation with Carolyn Broudy 8.

Conversation with John Lopez 9. Conversation with Kim Schear Research and notes of Bill Evans Research and notes of Stefani Evans Conversation with Bicky Ross Conversation with Charles Sutton Conversation with Kent Slabotsky Family records sent by Kent Slabotsky Email from Kent Slabotsky Information, scrapbook pages and notes of Norma Parry Painter, sent Jackson, Ronald Vern, Census Kansas, p. Email from Phyllis J. Pension application of Peter DeGarmo Sutton, dated Death certificate of Charles Oscar Sutton Information sent by Kent Slabotsky Kansas City Star Obituaries, , accessed through www.

Conversation with Bob Nusser Letter from Bill Sutton to Emma Vilardi, Conversation with Norma Painter, Information from Bob Nusser, Information received by Norma Painter, Email from Gil Leach, , from information contained in two handwritten booklets of Stoughtenburg family records Conversation with Harry Copenhaver, Conversation with Linda Adams, Conversation with Pat Jackson, Conversation with Juanita Copenhaver, , from Copenhaver Bible Information sent by Bill DeGarmo, email Conversation with Michelle Schear, When looking for vital records for the town of Westchester, you will need to check both counties, as well as the records located at the NYC Municipal Arhives.

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See also the Eastchester Historical Society. The whole was divided in Thomas Hunt having the part still known as 'Hunt's Point. Pelletreau, Am. He died after sireing one child. Thomas Carpenter was received as a member of Westbury Meeting on 27 Nov. Four children listed - 3 males and 1 female - Phebe.

The family information I have and according to "Memorial of the Townsend Brothers" pub. Thus Phebe was in fact Phebe Little from whom I am descended and of whom I have a daguerretype picture. Phebe was born Feb. Nathaniel Wright was born May 11, and died July 30, I hope this is some help,and would like to know why our information differs. Regards, Nancy Taylor I have no earthly idea! But, John Carpenter, copied above might now. Hey, John, how about seeing if you have anything.

I wanted to check some things out before answering. I did not get the answer I was looking for however. In the s, formal adoptions were fairly rare. Legal adoption was mainly used to help designate property or title from a step parent or guardian to the adoptive child or heir. Overwhelmingly adoptions were for males and many were in their teens or older. How important were "heirs? These "heirs" were designated either by their own loins or by that of others.

Just reviewing the Magna Carta and doing a key word search will show you how important this was. See the following web page.

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Massachusetts lead the American states in in standardizing laws for adoption. England didn't do this until See the following web page for related information. Many of the noble or great or not-so-great have been adopted. The Babylonian King Hammurabi with his written Code of Hammurabi is the earliest to survive intact with clear definitions of adoption.

The following web page has details.