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Infused with groovy melodies and blissful harmonies, this album by acid folk duo Agincourt is highly regarded by fans of the genre. Between 50 and 99 copies were pressed in , making the LP insanely rare.

Most valuable vinyl records UK 2017 – do you have one worth £3,000 in your collection?

Stereo rather than mono copies are the most valuable, and even used specimens can fetch several hundred pounds. Just copies of this album by folk singer Vashti Bunyan are thought to have been produced, and collectors struggle to find pristine examples on sale. This psychedelic progressive rock album from has appreciated in value significantly over the past few years. The ultimate 7" for collectors of Madonna's music, Lucky Star was released in the UK in September as the Queen of Pop's second single and only reached in the charts it was re-released the following March, hitting the number 14 spot.

Copies of the original release sell for big money. This album sold a lot of copies. However, original mono pressings with a 3D lenticular sleeve are much harder to come by. Love is Strange was due to be released as a single in from Wings' third studio album, but Paul McCartney pulled the bluesy cover in favour of Give Ireland Back to the Irish. It was pulled, but not before a number of issues were printed. Not bad money in this Material World. Seasoned producer Wil Malone has worked with everyone from Black Sabbath to Massive Attack, but before the Londoner devoted himself to making other artist's records, he released this eponymous album.

Only copies of the LP were pressed and fewer than 30 are thought to have survived. Mono original copies of this LP with a red inner sleeve and poster are worth keeping an eye out for. One of the most popular albums of all time, it was an immediate success upon release and has possibly the most iconic album artwork of all time. Copies with a solid blue triangle on the LP are the ones you want to look out for and are particularly valuable.

The Who changed their name to the High Numbers for a short period in , releasing a single called Zoot Suit under the moniker. These copies feature matrix numbers, a textured cover and a misprint on the label 'Tony' is incorrectly spelled 'Tonny'. The debut album from the Maytals, Never Grow Old is a ska classic that does what it says on the cover. A progressive rock treasure, Dr.

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Z's epic concept album was barely released in Hogan's book Selling 'Em by the Sack , Anderson—while working at his original burger stand—noticed several young boys who regularly bought sacks of hamburgers. Thinking this odd, he decided to investigate and followed a young patron as he walked down the street, around the corner, and made a delivery into the open door of a limousine. Schlink's Eat, Drink and Be Wary portrayed hamburger beef as unsafe, if not downright poisonous. To give their burgers a pristine image, Ingram and Anderson combined two words that together conveyed purity and solidity: white and castle.

One company—the Milwaukee-based White Tower chain—even studied the exact measurements of White Castle restaurants and used them to erect its own Medieval-style buildings. So in , White Castle sued. Ingram wanted his restaurants to be small, inexpensive, and quick to build and take down. So in he started his own subsidiary, Porcelain Steel Buildings PSB , to make the lightweight porcelain-and-steel structures. The company also bought manufacturer Paperlynen in to make the paper hats White Castle employees wore—because why not?

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Realizing it had a profitable business on its hands, White Castle started taking orders from other food service establishments, and by they were selling more than 54 million caps annually. Proceeds were donated to the Kansas Food Bank. Anderson's original hamburger involved cooking a small beef patty over shredded onions, then sliding it onto a bun instead of between slices of bread.

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold

About years later, not much has changed. In , a White Castle employee named Earl Howell—who worked at the company's Cincinnati location—suggested that the now-iconic patties would cook faster if they were punctured with a series of little holes. He was really onto something. Today, all White Castle hamburgers are prepared in this fashion, with five holes apiece. Fast food wages today are so low they've spurred a national movement , but back in the day, flipping burgers at White Castle was a coveted job.

White Castle employees, each of whom underwent a two-week unpaid apprenticeship, were expected to wear clean white clothes, keep their hair short, and be unfailingly courteous to customers. They also at least in the company's earliest days had to be men between the ages of 18 and It included jokes, short stories, and sales advice —like how to convince customers a slice of pie is just what they need after gorging themselves on hamburgers.

Taking a cue from grocery store marketing strategies, Billy Ingram paid to have coupons for discounted burgers published in major newspapers on June 3, Intent on proving that his burgers were not just safe to eat but healthy, too, Ingram funded some rather dubious studies. The best one involved a University of Minnesota med student eating nothing but White Castle burgers for 13 weeks straight.

He remained healthy in body, if not in spirit. If you had a craving in the mid-'80s and no White Castle nearby, you could call a toll-free number and get frozen sliders delivered to your doorstep. The " Hamburgers to Fly " program was such a success for the company that it paved the way for its line of frozen foods. The buddy comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle boosted sales of White Castle's sliders, but co-star Kal Penn never actually ate one due to his vegetarian diet.

Crew members created meatless substitutes instead. Several songs by the Beastie Boys reference White Castle and include helpful information , like "White Castle fries only come in one size". To honor its most devoted diners, White Castle established its hall of fame in More recent inductees include an Army soldier who took 50 sliders all the way to Germany, and a couple who collectively lost pounds eating sliders.

Alice Cooper is in there, too; according to White Castle, Cooper became a fan during his childhood in Detroit, and "The Crave stayed with him throughout his career and he based tour dates and concerts around the locations of White Castle restaurants. Stan Lee , the longtime leader of Marvel Comics, had a proud history with sliders.

I am grateful to White Castle for recognizing my lifelong Cravings and am honored to join past and future Craver Hall of Fame inductees! Nothing says love like a shared stack of sliders, which is what makes White Castle a popular Valentine's Day destination. Locations take reservations weeks in advance and offer table service. In , more than 35, customers made it a date. Yes, really.

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Along with thousands of other couples, they submitted an application explaining why they deserved the grand prize: The right to stage their wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception at a White Castle restaurant in Las Vegas. A five-day Belgian honeymoon was also included. So was a slider-shaped cake and bouquets decorated with takeout boxes. Isn't it romantic? Thanksgiving will never be the same. Fill your house with that steam-grilled-beef-atop-a-bed-of-onions aroma. Despite having nearly locations, White Castle only operates in about a dozen states. To feed the crave for those who live in Castle-less areas, the company dispatches mobile restaurants called Crave Mobiles.

One stop in Orlando saw more than 10, sliders sold. Data collected by the Foursquare app in showed that Multiple fourth- and fifth-generation Ingrams still work in the family business. Although the guide may not be a current edition, it's use is free.

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Either by browsing the bins, looking for the same or similar discs that you have in your collection. Or just by asking the salesperson behind the counter. The online record store And like the owner of the local shop, the online dealer may offer a free quote. A great place to find online record stores is Webmusicbid. A extremely popular method for the buying or selling records has been the online auction house. There, you can check the final auction price that the record has brought. Although this might not be a true indication of the record's real value, it does show what collector's are paying for certain discs.

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There are a number of online auction houses to choose from. But most certainly the largest is eBay.