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Women In Harmony. A chorus of woman's voices, singing for unity among women and advocating social, political and economic equality for all women, past , present and future.

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The Transgender Fund. Seacoast Gay Men. Congress St. The Inn at St. GetOut is committed to serving as a bridge connecting and supporting men who have sex with men MSM , gay men, bisexual men, and questioning men through educational and community activities.

4115 N Mississippi Ave # D, Portland, OR 97217

We are Niagara's only Gay Men's Guesthouse. Harbor Masters of Maine, Inc. Rainbow Upholstery is a family team effort. The upholstery work is done by Mark with his sister working as his apprentice.

Most of the sewing is done by our outstanding seamstress, Cathy, who also happens to be our mother. Mark's partner, Russell, strips the furniture and prepares it for reupholstering. He also assists with pickup and delivery of furniture. The Maine Jewish Film Festival is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a forum for the presentation of films to enrich, educate and entertain a diverse community about the Jewish experience. Come kick it this summer with your neighborhood Bois and their super-sexy lady friend, Leslie Downes!!!

The Elms Since is a graceful historic home over looking the Presumpscot River. With it's classic architecture, well appointed rooms and amazing Public Spaces, it's a beautiful place to stay. Gay Yellow Pages We carry a variety of items including Root Candles, greeting cards, gift wrap, fashion accessories, jewelry, Wizard of Oz items, pride products and other unique gifts.

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Provincetown, Mass. The Transgender Fund is to support initiatives fostering understanding, respect, acceptance, and freedom of expression for all those struggling with issues of gender identity. Just around the block from the bar! So Styxx is somewhat in a world of its own. I do still like to sing though. Softly on the street, more loudly in my apartment. Student loans are about to kick in, and my next strategy is well worn: Find a professional and give them all my money. When I was gender-questioning as a very young adult, I dreamed of toggling between male and female with the effort of flipping a light switch.

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I wanted to choose one gender or the other depending on the day. I felt intensely and simultaneously masculine and feminine and I identified with the genderqueer movement that sought space outside the two boxes of male and female. And so my voice. What will it take to get a female voice? How much will it sound like me? Singing in my teens, I wanted to hit every note, not just the tenor notes but the truly impossible ones, from first soprano to double bass. I still do. I want to speak that way too.

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I want to soar high and into the most femme of pitches when I get excited and then punctuate a point by going deep and low. I love watching this. The lovely rumble coming out of their soft, brave faces.

The Portland Gay Press - Rupert Kinnard & Renee LaChance - Social Justice History 1.23.14

Years ago, in Portland, I was at a karaoke bar after a trans rights rally and a short cute punk-y trans girl at our table hopped up and sang Personal Jesus in her old low voice. When she spoke, back at the table, she sounded perfectly female. I only met her twice, but hearing her voice, in song and in speech, is one of my fondest memories.

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Some of them are so young. I e-mail those kids back and tell them, essentially, that being trans is hard, but it will be okay, and that overcoming gender dysphoria is one of the most wonderful things. But I know now exactly what I want to tell them—tell you:.

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  • When I was nineteen, I went to see a gender identity therapist for the first time, a week after I confronted the fact that my gender issues were serious and I needed help. How I wanted to know if it was possible to physically change to be just a little female, but not all the way. I wanted to know the options, but I also wanted her to diagnose me and tell me who I was. I nodded and left her building and decided I had to learn to be okay being a boy.

    She was a professional. She knew how this worked. I want those two hours back. Go run around in dresses. Paint your nails on your big hands. Read Jeanette Winterson and tell dick jokes. Sing in a booming voice while your stuff your bra. Your gender is not a shame. Your confusion is not a weakness. The closet is worse, and there are all kinds of closets.