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How to find someone's IP Address

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Now you know how to get the IP of a remote system, so its time to trace it down and find some details about the IP. Tracing an IP is quite simple. You can do it the easy way by using some sweet softwares like Visual Trace 6.

Well I suggest you to use DOS and its tracert tool for tracing the IP cause using it will give you a clear conception about the art of tracing an IP and I guarantee that you will feel much satisfied on success than using a silly software. Furthur you will know how things work and how the IP is traced down and the different networks associated in this tracing process. Let us take a look at tracert tool provided for DOS by Microsoft. It is a very handy tool for peoples need to trace down an IP.

Just open any DOS windows and type tracert. You will now see a description of the tracert command and the switches associated with it.

IP Address, Protecting yours and Tracking theirs

All you can do is to increase the timeout in milliseconds by using —w switch if you are using a slow connection and the —d switch if you wish not resolve address to hostnames by default. By default tracert performs a maximum of 30 hops trace. Using the —h switch you can specify the number of hops to perform. Now its time for execution. Let us trace down the IP yahoo. For example the IP Note: Here I have traced yahoo.

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In place of yahoo. Similarly you can find out the different routers through which the packets of data are send and received to and from the target system.

To find out IP address.

Now finally look at the target system ie. Now put this address in any IP lookup programe and perform and reverse DNS lookup and you will get most of the info about this address,like the place where it is in. Well another thing you can find out using the tracert tool is that the number of hops routers the target system is away from you. In case of tracerouting yahoo. Apart from tracing an IP you can find out many usefull details about the target system using the tracert tool. Trace complete. I performed the same tracert many times a day but concluded with the same result.

This indicates that the systems after the router SanJose1. Detecting Traceroute Attempts on your System You can detect that an attacker is performing a traceroute on your system, if you see the following symptoms: 1. If you observe port scans on very high UDP ports. This symptom means that the attacker has performed a traceroute on your system. However, it could also mean a simply port scan. Either way, it signifies the fact that your system is being scanned.

If the packet-monitoring tool installed in your network, picks up several outgoing TTL-exceeding messages, then it is yet another sign that someone is doing a traceroute on your system. If in these log files, you also observer an outgoing ICMP port unreachable error message, then it means that since a traceroute was done on your system and as the target system i. You can also find our more information on the attacker if he performs a traceroute on your system by simply studying the sniffer log files.

Number of hops away, the attacker is from you. Hope you will find this article very easy to understand and implement. No body can steal your IP-address, however, they can always steal you identity details. There appear websites that gain access to government databases and, parse the content and post that on their website. Now, depending on which country you live in. For U. I also suggest that you backup everything in your MSN, and that you make a new msn account. I hope you find this information useful and if you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

Getting someone's IP-address from an instant messenger

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