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Plus, you might not need to block caller ID. If you don't mind constant data mining then a Google phone number through Google Voice offers free call forwarding. Spoofcard is a great way to secretly block caller ID.

How to Do a Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

They let you appear to be calling from any number you choose. If you are only protecting your identity during certain calls, either spoofing or blocking caller ID might be good options. You can always register your phones with a business entity. That is not a fool proof method, since only New Mexico allows anonymous ownership of business entities, but it puts one more layer of protection between your private information and the public. You can get pre-paid cell phones with cash, with no contract, and refill minutes with cash whenever you want.

This keeps that phone number unconnected in any way with your name, until you use it, of course. To be extra safe you can change pre-paid phones as often as you want.

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  • You can even be extra sneaky and get 2 pre-paid cell phones, give one to your friend, and only communicate with each other over those phones. That way it will be very difficult to tell that you two are chatting it up with each other.


    Robocallers, likely IRS tax scammers, and other nuisance or even dangerous calls are identified immediately, so you can decide whether to answer. Look up most phone numbers to receive contact information for people and businesses.

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    If you're running into trouble with the app, check out our troubleshooting tips. Most Android and iPhone devices let you to block callers from your log. Scroll to top.

    What Can You Find Out With A Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup?

    Everything you can do with the latest version:. Identify calls from unknown numbers Know who is calling before you answer. With this information, you can easily determine if the unknown phone call is from a real person or a scammer. Spam level, in particular, is an important value to keep in mind, as the higher the spam score, the greater the chance the phone number belongs to a scammer. But once you have this information at your disposal, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should block the phone number from contacting you in the future.

    There are plenty of cell phone lookup free and paid options to choose from. In fact, one of the most common free ways to lookup a cell phone number is to use Google.

    What is the Spy Dialer Phone Number Lookup?

    Google and other big name search engines like Yahoo and Bing can assist you as well. Simply type in the unknown number that called or texted you, and look through the search results. But be careful, as Google and most other search engines are not specifically designed to lookup a cell phone number and your search results will reflect that. Similar to Google, social networking sites are a great source of information.

    Enter any U.S. or International Phone Number

    Every day, millions of people from around the world access these sites, looking to connect with family and friends. Often times users will update their social profiles with personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and pictures.

    Knowing this, you could potentially use popular social media sites, such as Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram, to find out the owner of a particular phone number. Simply enter the unknown phone number into the sites search bar and check out the results. While this may sound like an easy way to lookup a phone number, there are some limitations.

    In addition to this, many social media sites allow their users to make their profile private. In this case, your phone number search would come up empty as well.