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The Unix Shell

ForEach validators. Do not instantiate if found. Repository '. Serial sys. Sections 1. Headers win QueryValueEx key, "rootdir" [0] 0. InsertStringItem sys. SetStringItem index, self. GetItem index, self. Alphabetical Listing of Commands 11 The vgrind command runs in either filter mode or regular mode.

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In filter mode, the vgrind command acts as a filter in a manner similar to the tbi command. The preceding lines are formatted according to the vgrind command conventions. The output from this filter can be passed to the troff command for output. There is no particular ordering with the eqn or tbi command. In regular mode, the vgrind command accepts input files, processes them, and passes them in order to the troff command, the appropriate postprocessor, and then the printer.

In both modes, the vgrind command passes without converting lines, beginning with a decimal point. Forces filter mode. Forces no keyword bolding. Causes formatted text to go to standard output. Outputs the index file in an easily readable format. The index file itself is produced whenever the vgrind command is run with the index file in the current directory. The index of function definitions can then be run off by running the vgrind command with the -x flag and the File parameter.

Creates output for a troff device as specified by the Name parameter. The output is sent through the appropriate postprocessor.

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  • The default is the ibm postprocessor. Forces input to be taken from standard input default if the -f flag is specified. Specifies a particular header to put on every output page default is the file name. Currently known languages are: c C the default. Function names can be preceded on a line only by spaces, tabs, or an asterisk.

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    The parenthetical options must also be on the same line. Function names must be displayed on the same line as the function or procedure keywords.

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    Function names must be displayed on the same line as the isbeginproc keyword phrase. I ICON. Contains the vgrind command. Contains the macro package.